A Large Bronze Dagger,
A Large Bronze Dagger, c. 2000 – 1600 B.C.
A Medieval Gilt-Bronze Saddlery Pendant,
A Medieval Saddlery Pendant, c. 1250 - 1350
A Knightly ‘Sword of War’,
A Knightly ‘Sword of War’, c. 1300 - 50
A Gothic Crossbow,
A Gothic Crossbow, c. 1480
A Rare Quiver for Crossbow Bolts,
A Quiver for Crossbow Bolts, c. 1500
A Horseman's Hammer, Later Carried in the Swedish Service,
A Horseman's Hammer, c. 1525 - 50
A Vamplate,
A Vamplate, c. 1560
An Italian Stone Bow,
An Italian Stone Bow, c. 1580
A German Wheel-Lock Carbine,
A German Wheel-Lock, c. 1580 - 90
A Reinforcing Buffe by Anton Peffenhauser for the Prince Elector Christian I of Saxony,
A Reinforcing Buffe, c. 1586
A Pair of Cannon Barrels,
A Pair of Cannon Barrels, c. 1600
A Seal Box Lid,
A Seal Box Lid, c. 1590 - 1629
A Heavy Shot-Proof  ‘Savoyard’ Helmet,
A ‘Savoyard’ Helmet, c. 1600 - 20
A Silver-Encrusted Rapier,
A Silver-Encrusted Rapier, c. 1610
A Half - Shaffron,
A Half - Shaffron, c. 1600 - 30
A Silver-Encrusted Rapier,
A Silver-Encrusted Rapier, c. 1635
A Sporting Crossbow of Halbe Rüstung Type,
A Sporting Crossbow, c. 1660 - 1700
A Silver-Mounted Small-Sword,
A Silver-Mounted Small-Sword, c. 1700
A Sawasa-Hilted Small-Sword and Scabbard,
A Sawasa-Hilted Small-Sword, c. 1730 - 40
A Deluxe-Quality Hunting Sword with Carved and Inlaid Hardstone Hilt
A Russian Hunting Sword c. 1740 - 60
An Historic Pair of Bronze Cannon, Cast by the Spanish Gunfounder Mathias Solano, and Given by King George III of England to Major General John Graves Simcoe in 1798,
An Historic Pair of Bronze Cannon, dated 1747
A Rare Falconer’s Hunting Bag,
A Falconer’s Hunting Bag, c. 1675 – 1750
A Gold-Hilted Small-Sword Set with Diamonds and Enamels, with its Scabbard, Presented in 1762 by Generalfeldmarschall Prince Ferdinand Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel to Lieutenant-General Sir George Howard,
A Sword from the Duke of Brunswick c. 1750
A Pair of Silver-Mounted Fintlock Holster Pistols by Benjamin Griffin,
A Pair of Pistols by Griffin, Silver Hallmarks for 1756
A Pair of Silver Mounted Flintlock Holster Pistols by Henry Hadley, London,
A Pair of Holster Pistols by Hadley, London, c. 1761
A Flintlock Sporting Gun by Bourcier,
A Sporting Gun by Bourcier, dated 1762
A Pair of Silver-Mounted Flintlock Duelling Pistols by Griffin & Tow, London,
A Pair of Duelling Pistols, Silver Hallmarks for 1775
A Pair of Bronze Saluting Cannon,
A Pair of Bronze Saluting Cannon, c. 1780
A Pair of Flintlock Belt Pistols by Thomas Murdoch,
A Pair of Belt Pistols by Thomas Murdoch, c. 1775
A Louis XVI Dress Smallsword and Scabbard, Mounted in Gold and Diamonds,
A Louis XVI Sword, c. 1784
A Lorenzoni System Flintlock Magazine Repeating Pistol, Likely Birmingham, 1785
A Lorenzoni System Pistol, Birmingham, c. 1785
A Flintlock Double-Barrelled Single-Trigger Pistol by Joseph Manton, London,
A Flintlock Pistol by Manton, London, c. 1793
A Georgian Presentation Archers’ Quiver Mounted in Silver-gilt,
A Presentation Archers' Quiver, 1794
A Prisoner-of-War Bone Ship Model Named 'Mars',
A Ship Model, 'Mars', c. 1795
A Presentation Small Sword,
An English Small Sword, 1797 - 98
A Pair of Gold-Mounted Flintlock Holster Pistols with Chiselled and Gilt Barrels and Locks, of Presentation Quality, by Vigniat à Marseille,
A Pair of Gold-Mounted Pistols by Vigniat à Marseille, c. 1800
An Cut-Steel Hilted Small-Sword, Probably by Matthew Boulton, Birmingham,
A Small-Sword, likely by Boulton c. 1800
A French Prisoner-of-War Bone Ship Model of the HMS Canopus,
A Ship Model of the HMS Canopus, c. 1810
A Cased Hunting Rifle by Boutet Et Fils, Belonging to Prince Charles Théodore Maximilien Auguste de Wittelsbach-Bavière,
A Cased Hunting Rifle by Boutet, c. 1815
A Chased Silver Cartridge-Box, Inlaid with Niello (Palaska),
A Cartridge-Box, Inlaid with Niello, c. 1820 - 30
A Carved Austrian-Bohemian Hunting Horn,
A Bohemian Hunting Horn, c.1850
A Spanish Flask, or Sander, in its Travelling Case, Likely by Eusebio Zuloaga, Eibar,
A Spanish Flask, signed Zuloaga, dated 1854