A German Horseman's Hammer,
A Horseman's Hammer, c. 1600
An Important Renaissance Hand-and-a-Half Sword,
An Important Renaissance Sword, c. 1490 – 1500
A Pair of English Silver-Mounted Flintlock Turn-Off Pistols by Collumbell,
A Pair of English Pistols by Collumbell, c. 1760
A Dagger or Tantō, Edo Period,
A Tantō, Edo Period, c. 1750
A Jade Hilted Dagger,
A Jade Hilted Dagger, 18th century
A Pair of Flintlock Turn-off Pocket Pistols by R. Allen, Birmingham,
A Pair of Turn-off Pocket Pistols, 1800
A Pair of Bronze Saluting Cannon,
A Pair of Bronze Saluting Cannon, dated 1671
A Bronze Cannon for Light Field or Ceremonial Use,
A Bronze Cannon, dated 1574
A Lorenzoni System Flintlock Magazine Repeating Pistol, Likely Birmingham, 1785
A Lorenzoni System Pistol, Birmingham, c. 1785
A Nuremberg Wheellock Sporting Carbine,
A Nuremberg Sporting Carbine, c. 1570 - 80
A Pair of Flintlock Turn-off Pocket Pistols by Waters,
A Pair Pocket Pistols, c. 1800
A Cased Pair of Percussion Target Pistols by Joseph Egg,
A Cased Pair of Pistols by Egg, c. 1830
A Western European ‘Hand and a Half Sword',
A ‘Hand and a Half Sword', c. 1330 - 1370
A Pair of Bronze Saluting Cannon,
A Pair of Bronze Saluting Cannon, c. 1780
Two Etched State Halberds carried by the Trabantenleibgarde of Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau, Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg,
Two Halberds, dated 1589 and 1611
A Flintlock Holster Pistol Finely Inlaid and Mounted in Silver for Presentation, with the Silver Maker’s Mark of Elizabeth Barnett, London,
A Pistol with Elizabeth Barnett's Mark, 1825
A Rare Dagger and scabbard,
A Rare Thai Dagger, mid-19th century
A Left-hand Dagger of Spanish form,
A Left-hand Dagger of Spanish form, c. 1675
A Pair of Presentation Quality Silver-mounted Flintlock Holster Pistols by Wilson, London Silver Hallmarks for
A Pair of Silver Holster Pistols, 1782/3
A Pair of Silver-Mounted Pistols by Jonathan Stanton, London,
A Pair of English Pistols, c. 1760
An English Cavalry Officer’s Stirrup-Hilted Sabre of Royal Hanoverian Provenance, the Hilt Bearing the Cypher of H.R.H. George, Regent,
A Sabre of Royal Provenance, c. 1811 - 13
A Cased Six-shot Percussion Pepperbox Revolver by Samuel Nock, London,
A Cased pepperbox Revolver, c. 1850
A Rare English Flintlock Fowling-Piece, by Joseph Bunney,
An English Flintlock Fowling-Piece, c. 1780
A Cased Pair of Percussion Pistols Presented to the Duke of Valencia, by Eusebio Zuloaga,
Cased Pistols by Zuloaga, dated 1847
A Collection of Neolithic Period Axes,
A Collection of Neolithic Period Axes, 2500 BC
A Katar, or Indian Punch Dagger,
A Katar, c. 1850
A Saddle Axe-head, Early Qajar Dynasty,
A Saddle Axe-head, c. 1800
A Cased Five-shot Percussion Pepperbox Revolver by Parker, Field & Sons,
A Cased Pepperbox Revolver, c. 1850
A Northern European Quillon Dagger with Cap-Shaped Pommel,
A Quillon Dagger, early 16th century
An Ottoman Light Composite Bow,
An Ottoman Bow, 17th to 18th century
A Pair of  Wheel-Lock Pistols of Puffer Type,
A Pair of Wheel-Lock Pistols, c. 1590
A Group of Japanese Arrowheads, Edo Period
Japanese Arrowheads, 17th - 19th c
A Very Rare English Tudor Lugged Hunting-Spear,
A Tudor Lugged Hunting-Spear, late 15th - early 16th c
A Pair of Dresden Long Flintlock Holster Pistols in the Paris Royal Court taste, by Le Bearnois,
A Pair of Dresden Pistols, c. 1700
An English Percussion Pepperbox Revolver by William Dooley of Liverpool,
A Pepperbox Revolver by Dooley, c. 1845
A Fine Indian Dagger, or Khanjar,
A Fine Indian Dagger, or Khanjar, 19th century
A Bear Spear Head,
A Bear Spear Head, late 16th century
A Pair of Silver Mounted Flintlock Holster Pistols by Henry Hadley, London,
A Pair of Holster Pistols by Hadley, c. 1761
A Pair of Flintlock Turn-off Pocket Pistols by T. Archer,
A Pair of Pocket Pistols by T. Archer, c. 1800
An Cut-Steel Hilted Small-Sword, Probably by Matthew Boulton, Birmingham,
A Small-Sword, likely by Boulton, c. 1800
A Pair of Flintlock Box-lock Pocket Pistols by E. Baker & Son, London, Gun-makers to His Majesty,
A Pair of Box-lock Pocket Pistols, c. 1823
A Knife, or Biçaq,
A Turkish Knife, Late 18th Century
A Group of Japanese Arrowheads, or Yanone, Edo Period
Japanese Arrowheads, 17th - 19th c
A Knightly ‘Sword of War’,
A Knightly ‘Sword of War’, c. 1300 - 50
A Superb Hunting-Sword of the Palatine Branch of the Royal House of Wittelsbach, likely made for the Countess Palatine, Elizabeth Augusta of Sulzbach,
A Palatine Hunting-Sword, c. 1760-70
An Exceptional Wheel-Lock Sporting Carbine,
An Exceptional Sporting Carbine, c. 1590-1600
An Historic Pair of Bronze Cannon, Cast by the Spanish Gunfounder Mathias Solano, and Given by King George III of England to Major General John Graves Simcoe in 1798,
An Historic Pair of Bronze Cannon, dated 1747
A Gold and Enamel Small-Sword by John Ray and James Montague, London, Hallmarked
A Gold and Enamel Small-Sword, 1801 / 2
An Ottoman Hunting Trousse,
An Ottoman Hunting Trousse, dated 1892/3
A Saxon Etched State Halberd carried by members of the Electoral Leibtrabanten zu Fuß,
A Saxon Halberd, early 17th century
A Sporting Crossbow of Halbe Rüstung Type,
A Sporting Crossbow, c. 1660 - 1700
A Left-hand Dagger,
A Left-hand Dagger, c. 1600
A Saddle Axe-head, or Tabarzin,
A Persian Saddle Axe-head, early 18th century
A Japanese Dagger, or Tantō, Edo Period,
A Japanese Dagger, or Tantō c.1860
A Cased Pair of Travelling Pistols of Presentation Quality, by Lepage-Moutier, Arquebusier Du Roi,
A Cased Pair of Presentation Pistols, dated 1847
A Mughal Katar,
A Mughal Katar, Early 18th century
A Small-sword Hilt of Steel Chiseled in Low Relief,
A Chiseled Sword Hilt, c. 1780
A Flintlock Sporting Gun by Bourcier,
A Sporting Gun by Bourcier, dated 1762
A Dagger, or Tanto, with a black Saya, or Scabbard
A Tanto, dated to the year 1805
A Pair of Cannon Barrels,
A Pair of Cannon Barrels, c. 1600
A Silesian Wheellock Birding Rifle, or Tschinke,
A Silesian Wheellock Birding Rifle, c. 1650 - 80
A Pair of Long Flintlock Holster Pistols by Savari,
A Pair of Pistols by Savari, c. 1665 - 70
An Indian Katar,
An Indian Katar, c. 1850
A Parade Partizan for the Bodyguard Of Duke August Wilhelm Of Brunswick-Wolfenbãœttel,
A Brunswick Partizan, dated 1718
A Scottish Basket-hilted Backsword, or Claidheamh cùil,
A Scottish Basket-hilt Sword, early 18th century
A Dagger, or Katar,
A Katar, late 17th century
A German Wheel-Lock Holster Puffer Pistol,
A German Puffer Pistol, c. 1580
A Deluxe-Quality Hunting Sword,
A Russian Hunting Sword, c. 1740 - 60
A Silver-Mounted Small-Sword,
A Silver-Mounted Small-Sword, c. 1700
A Dagger, or Tanto,
A Dagger, or Tanto, late Edō or Meiji Period
An Indian Gold-Mounted Small-Sword Presented by Warren Hastings, Governor-General of India, to Lieutenant Colonel John Edmonson of the Bengal Army,
An Gold Indian Small-Sword, dated 1785
A Dagger, or Tanto,
A Tanto, Blade c. 1560, Mounts Edō
A Spanish Miquelet Lock Sporting Gun by Antonio Guisasola Made in the Royal 'Factory' at Placencia,
A Spanish Miquelet Gun by Guisasola, dated 1788
A Pair of Flintlock Belt Pistols by Thomas Murdoch,
A Pair of Belt Pistols by Murdoch, c. 1775
A Sporting Crossbow, or Halbe Rüstung,
A Sporting Crossbow, c. 1650