An Exceptional Dagger, or Khanjar
An Exceptional Khanjar, 17th-18th century
A Silver-Hilted Small-Sword made for a Child, in the Rococo Fashion, together with Scabbard
A Silver-Hilted Small-Sword for a Child c. 1770-80
A Pair of Flintlock Belt Pistols by Thomas Murdoch,
A Pair of Belt Pistols by Murdoch, c. 1775
A Cased Five-shot Percussion Pepperbox Revolver by Parker, Field & Sons,
A Cased Pepperbox Revolver, c. 1850
A Silver-Mounted Hunting-Knife or Hauswehr,
A Silver-Mounted Hunting-Knife, early 16th century
A Dagger, or Khanjar
A Dagger, or Khanjar, c. 17-18th century
A Small-sword Hilt of Steel Chiseled in Low Relief,
A Chiseled Sword Hilt, c. 1780
A Turquoise Decorated Himalayan Dagger
A Himalayan Dagger, 18th - 19th century
A German Hunting-Knife or Hauswehr,
A German Hunting-Knife, 16th century
An Cut-Steel Hilted Small-Sword, Probably by Matthew Boulton, Birmingham,
A Small-Sword, likely by Boulton, c. 1800
A Dagger, or Tanto, with a black Saya, or Scabbard
A Tanto, dated 1805
A Silesian Wheellock Birding Rifle, or Tschinke,
A Silesian Wheellock Birding Rifle, c. 1650 - 80
A Parade Partizan for the Bodyguard Of Duke August Wilhelm Of Brunswick-Wolfenbãœttel,
A Brunswick Partizan, dated 1718
A Mughal Katar,
A Mughal Katar, Early 18th century
A Pair of Dresden Long Flintlock Holster Pistols in the Paris Royal Court taste, by Le Bearnois,
A Pair of Dresden Pistols, c. 1700
A Flintlock Sporting Gun by Bourcier,
A Sporting Gun by Bourcier, dated 1762
A Cased Pair of Percussion Target Pistols by Joseph Egg,
A Cased Pair of Pistols by Egg, c. 1830
A German Gilt-Iron Left-Hand Dagger,
A German Left-Hand Dagger, c. 1610-20
A Fine and Rare Dagger or Khanjar,
A Rare Dagger or Khanjar 18th - 19th century
A Pair of Flintlock Turn-off Pocket Pistols by T. Archer,
A Pair of Pocket Pistols by T. Archer, c. 1800
A Saddle Axe-head, Early Qajar Dynasty,
A Saddle Axe-head, c. 1800
An Indian Gold-Mounted Small-Sword Presented by Warren Hastings, Governor-General of India, to Lieutenant Colonel John Edmonson of the Bengal Army,
An Gold Indian Small-Sword, dated 1785
A Cased Pair of Percussion Pistols Presented to the Duke of Valencia, by Eusebio Zuloaga,
Cased Pistols by Zuloaga, dated 1847
A Very Rare English Tudor Lugged Hunting-Spear,
A Tudor Lugged Hunting-Spear, late 15th - early 16th c
A Deluxe-Quality Hunting Sword,
A Russian Hunting Sword, c. 1740 - 60
A Cased Six-shot Percussion Pepperbox Revolver by Samuel Nock, London,
A Cased pepperbox Revolver, c. 1850
A Western European ‘Hand and a Half Sword',
A ‘Hand and a Half Sword', c. 1330 - 1370
An Officer’s Long Wheellock Holster Pistol with Damascened Barrel and Lock,
An Officer’s Wheellock Hoslter Pistol c. 1615-25
A Silver-Mounted Small-Sword,
A Silver-Mounted Small-Sword, c. 1700
A Pair of Flintlock Box-lock Pocket Pistols by E. Baker & Son, London, Gun-makers to His Majesty,
A Pair of Box-lock Pocket Pistols, c. 1823
A Horseman’s Hammer or Reiterhammer,
A Horseman’s Hammer, c. 1530-50
A Full-Sized Heavy Sporting Crossbow, or Ganze Rüstung,
A Heavy Sporting Crossbow, late 16th century
An Important Renaissance Hand-and-a-Half Sword,
An Important Renaissance Sword, c. 1490 – 1500
A Wheel-Lock Belt Pistol by Peter Danner,
A Wheel-Lock Belt Pistol, c. 1583
A Pair of Flintlock Turn-off Pocket Pistols by Waters,
A Pair Pocket Pistols, c. 1800
A Left-hand Dagger of Spanish form,
A Left-hand Dagger of Spanish form, c. 1675
A Hunting Sword with an Amber Grip
A Hunting Sword, c. 1682-96/7
A Japanese Dagger, or Tantō, Edo Period,
A Japanese Dagger, or Tantō c.1860
A Fine Indian Dagger, or Khanjar,
A Fine Indian Dagger, or Khanjar, 19th century
A Lorenzoni System Flintlock Magazine Repeating Pistol, Likely Birmingham, 1785
A Lorenzoni System Pistol, Birmingham, c. 1785
An English Cavalry Officer’s Stirrup-Hilted Sabre of Royal Hanoverian Provenance, the Hilt Bearing the Cypher of H.R.H. George, Regent,
A Sabre of Royal Provenance, c. 1811 - 13
A Dagger, or Tanto,
A Tanto, Blade c. 1560, Mounts Edō
A Pair of Silver Mounted Flintlock Holster Pistols by Henry Hadley, London,
A Pair of Holster Pistols by Hadley, c. 1761
A Nuremberg Wheellock Sporting Carbine,
A Nuremberg Sporting Carbine, c. 1570 - 80
A Rare Dagger and scabbard,
A Rare Thai Dagger, mid-19th century
A Knightly ‘Sword of War’,
A Knightly ‘Sword of War’, c. 1300 - 50
A Left-hand Dagger,
A Left-hand Dagger, c. 1600
A Dagger, or Katar,
A Katar, late 17th century
A Dagger or Tantō, Edo Period,
A Tantō, Edo Period, c. 1750
A Dagger or Hançer
A Dagger or Hançer, early 19th century
A Rare English Flintlock Fowling-Piece, by Joseph Bunney,
An English Flintlock Fowling-Piece, c. 1780
A Pair of Presentation Quality Silver-mounted Flintlock Holster Pistols by Wilson, London Silver Hallmarks for
A Pair of Silver Holster Pistols, 1782/3
A Pair of Long Flintlock Holster Pistols by Savari,
A Pair of Pistols by Savari, c. 1665 - 70
An Ottoman Dagger, or Hançer
An Ottoman Dagger, Late 17th century
A Silver-Hilted Small-Sword made for a Child, together with its Scabbard
A Small-Sword for a Child, c. 1720-30
An Etched Cranequin for Spanning a Crossbow,
An Etched Cranequin, c. 1570-80
An Etched Cranequin for Spanning a Crossbow,
An Etched Cranequin, dated 1582
A Pair of Flintlock Turn-off Pocket Pistols by R. Allen, Birmingham,
A Pair of Turn-off Pocket Pistols, 1800
An Ottoman Hunting Trousse,
An Ottoman Hunting Trousse, dated 1892/3
A Silver-Hilted Small-Sword made for a Child, together with its Scabbard
A Silver-Hilted Small-Sword for a Child, c. 1720
A Pair of Silver-Mounted Pistols by Jonathan Stanton, London,
A Pair of English Pistols, c. 1760
A Sporting Crossbow of Halbe Rüstung Type,
A Sporting Crossbow, c. 1660 - 1700
A Sporting Crossbow, or Halbe Rüstung,
A Sporting Crossbow, 17th century
A German Wheel-Lock Holster Puffer Pistol,
A German Puffer Pistol, c. 1580
An Indian Katar,
An Indian Katar, c. 1850
A Flintlock Holster Pistol Finely Inlaid and Mounted in Silver for Presentation, with the Silver Maker’s Mark of Elizabeth Barnett, London,
A Pistol with Elizabeth Barnett's Mark, 1825