A Spanish Flask, or Sander, in its Travelling Case, by Eusebio Zuloaga, Eibar,
A Spanish Flask by Zuloaga, dated 1854
The Royal Arms of King Henry VIII, with Garter,
The Royal Arms of King Henry VIII, c. 1525
A Carved Yak-horn Priming-Flask, or Rdzas Rva Or Pho Rva,
A Carved Flask, 18th - 19th century
A Fine Medieval Heraldic Horse Pendant,
A Medieval Heraldic Pendant, c. 1275
A Tibetan Ceremonial Staff Finial,
A Tibetan Staff Finial, 17th century
An Australian Signed and Engraved Presentation Powderhorn,
An Australian Powderhorn, dated 1862
An Etched Demi-Shaffron and Poll-Plate,
A Demi-Shaffron, c. 1590 - 1600
An Ornamental Fitting from a Horse Harness,
An Ornamental Harness Fitting, 19th century
An Historic Pair of Bronze Cannon, Cast by the Spanish Gunfounder Mathias Solano, and Given by King George III of England to Major General John Graves Simcoe in 1798,
An Historic Pair of Bronze Cannon, dated 1747
A Hilt of a Sword, or Talwar,
A Hilt of a Talwar, Late 19th century
A Persian Iron Priming Flask or Barutdan,
A Persian Priming Flask, dated 1159 AH (1746)
A Pair of Bronze Saluting Cannon,
A Pair of Bronze Saluting Cannon, dated 1671
A Medieval Quiver,
A Medieval Quiver, 15th - 16th century
A Kris, or tajong,
A Kris, or Tajong, 19th century
A Pair of Cannon Barrels,
A Pair of Cannon Barrels, c. 1600
A Horse-Tack Plaquette
A Horse-Tack Plaquette c. 1400 - 1500
An Indian Dagger, or Khanjar,
An Indian Dagger, Early 19th century
An Iron Helmet, or Jingasa,
An Iron Jingasa, Edo period
A Rare Falconer’s Hunting Bag,
A Falconer’s Hunting Bag, c. 1675 – 1750
A Bridle Mount,
A Tibetan Bridle Mount, 17th – 18th century
A Brace of Ceremonial Trident Heads, Mdung Rtse-Gsum,
A Brace of Trident Heads, 17th century
A Pair of Bronze Saluting Cannon,
A Pair of Bronze Saluting Cannon, c. 1780
A Belt Terminal,
A Belt Terminal, Mid-14th – 15th century
A Rare Quiver for Crossbow Bolts,
A Quiver for Crossbow Bolts, c. 1500
A Qing Dynasty Horse Archer's Quiver, 鞬 or Jiān,
A Qing Dynasty Quiver, c. 1644 – 1911
A Pair of Officer’s Pistol Holsters,
A Pair of Officer’s Pistol Holsters, c. 1765
A large rare Tibetan cane shield,
A rare Tibetan shield, 15th century or earlier
A Tibetan Harness Fitting,
A Tibetan Harness Fitting, 19th century
A Georgian Presentation Archers’ Quiver Mounted in Silver-gilt,
A Presentation Archers' Quiver, 1794
A Bridle and Fittings,
A Bridle and Fittings, 16th - 18th century
An Exceptional Saddle, or Gser Sga,
A Tibetan Saddle, 15th – 17th century
Horse Pendant,
Horse Pendant, 12th - 14th century
A French Prisoner-of-War Bone Ship Model of the HMS Canopus,
A Ship Model of the HMS Canopus, c. 1810
A Horse Frontal, Western Han Period,
A Horse Frontal, 2nd - 1st century B.C.
A Seal,
A Seal, c.15th century
A Seal Box Lid,
A Seal Box Lid, c. 1590 - 1629
An Ottoman Hunting Trousse,
An Ottoman Hunting Trousse, dated 1892/3   
A Californian Presentation Walking-Cane, Gold-Mounted and Set with Gold Quartz,
A Californian Walking-Cane, c. 1867 - 70
An Indian Mughal Shield,
An Indian Mughal Shield, 18th – 19th century
A Bronze Cannon for Light Field or Ceremonial Use,
A Bronze Cannon, dated 1574
A Pair of Stirrups,
A Pair of Stirrups, 16th - 18th century
A Chased Silver Cartridge-Box, Inlaid with Niello (Palaska),
A Cartridge-Box, Inlaid with Niello, c. 1820 - 30
A Medieval Gilt-Bronze Saddlery Pendant,
A Medieval Saddlery Pendant, c. 1250 - 1350
Harness Pendant,
Harness Pendant, 13th - 14th century
A French Carved Coconut-Shell Powder-Flask,
A French Carved Coconut-Shell Powder-Flask, early 19th century
A Seal,
A Seal, 14th century
A Bronze Ruji Sceptre,
A Bronze Ruji Sceptre, Meiji period
A Silver Harness Roundel Engraved with the Emblems of the Duchy of Burgundy,
A Burgundian Roundel, c. 1465-77
A Pair of Stirrups, or Yob,
A Pair of Stirrups, or Yob, 16th - 18th century
A Parade Shield made for the Bodyguard of Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg, Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau,
A Venetian Shield, 16th century
A Dutch Marble Armorial Achievement Carved in Relief and Mantled as Coats-of-Arms of Marriage,
A Marble Coat of Arms, late 17th - early 18th c
A Horse Pendant,
A Horse Pendant, 7th – 9th century