An English Percussion Pepperbox Revolver by William Dooley of Liverpool, c. 1845

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Item ref: 1086

  • England, Liverpool

This revolver shows an engraved case-hardened fluted barrel group stamped with London proof marks, has a scroll-engraved self-cocking German-silver action, and is engraved with the maker’s name and address on either side of the case-hardened bar hammer. The grips are chequered walnut, by a scroll-engraved case-hardened trigger-guard. Gold escutcheon are engraved with the owner’s crest and the revolver's fitted mahogany case is lined in burgundy velvet, and the lid's brass escutcheon is also engraved with the owner’s crest and a trade label on the inside. It retains its original bullet mould, copper powder-flask, screw-driver, rammer and cap tin.