A Heavy Military Small-Sword, or Stichdegen, c. 1735

A Heavy Military Small-Sword, or Stichdegen,

Item ref: 1949

  • Germany
  • Steel, gold, wood
  • 97.5 cm / 38.4 in


Private collection, Europe


Carl Leopold, with the Arms of the Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

Although this elegant sword resembles a conventional European small-sword of its period, its robust hilt, well decorated with scenes of military conflict, and its heavy blade indicate that it was originally the property of a military officer in the service of the Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin during the period of rule of Duke Carl Leopold.

Mecklenburg- Schwerin was a duchy on the western Baltic coast of northern Germany and Carl Leopold (1678-1747) was its ruler from 1713 to 47. The duchy was involved in the Great Northern War (1700 - 1721) and this, together with its geographical position between the powerful states of Hannover  and  Prussia,  involved  both  the duchy and  Duke Carl  Leopold  in  prolonged periods of conflict that eventually resulted in the duke’s exile between 1719 to 1727.