A Prisoner-of-War Bone Ship Model Named 'Mars', c. 1795


Item ref: 2883

  • England
  • Bone, wood, mica and fabric
  • 52 cm / 20.5 in x 62.8 cm / 24.75 in


The late 7th Marquis & Marchioness of Ailsa, Cassillis Castle

The hull of this model, made by a prisoner-of-war, is decorated with fine carving and mica glazing in the windows of the quarter galleries. The guns on the 2 lower decks can be retracted by pulling the 2 rope toggles at the stern. its fittings include gratings, stairways, capstan, smoke stacks, hatch covers, windlass, water barrels, belfry and bells.

The bone figurehead is of a warrior lady, and 2 longboats are slung behind the foremast with another at the stern, all of bone. The ship is flying the pre 1801 white ensign and is mounted on it’s original decorated bone base within its original ebonised mahogany case.