A Bridle and Fittings, 16th - 18th century

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Item ref: 2911

  • Tibet
  • Textile, gold, iron, bronze and copper
  • 28 cm / 11 in


Private collection, Germany

Eliane et Guy de la Boisselière, Èperonnerie et parure du cheval, Èditions Racine, Buxelles, 2005, p.133 & p.134 ill.195

Some of the most extravagant metalwork of the Himalayan Plateau was lavished on horse furniture, and some of the surviving bridles have the finest of all the Tibetan decorative metalwork. Even lesser examples are products of very high quality. This bridle is broadly comparable to two, of simpler form, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (nos 2005.73 and 1998.282).