A Pair of Flintlock Turn-off Pocket Pistols by T. Archer, c. 1800

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Item ref: 2958

  • England, Birmingham
  • Steel, silver, paktong and walnut
  • each 17.5 cm / 6.9 in


Private collection, USA

T Archer

These are fine examples of the type of pistol produced by the English gun trade in the late 18th century for the purpose of self-protection.

The barrels and actions are of the high-nickel and copper alloy popularly called ‘paktong’, and the left side of each of the box-lock action bodies is engraved 'T+ARCHER'. The only English gunmaker called T. Archer listed as working at the time these pistols were made was Thomas Archer, who is recorded in Birmingham from 1776 to 1807. He is known to have marked his guns ‘London’, but these pistols bear the view and proof marks used by private Birmingham proof houses.