A Chiisa-Katana, 16th & 19th century


Item ref: 3005

  • Japan
  • Steel, silver, gold, wood, lacquer and silk
  • 50 cm


W. H. Tilley Collection
Sir Frank Bowden Collection
Chrisities London, 'Arts of the Samurai', 16 June, 1999, lot 360

This edged weapon hails from Mumei, Sewki school of mino; its blade dates from the 16th century and its mount is early 19th century, Edo Period.

The blade is decorated with Honzukuri and Torii-zori, with Tsukare ko-mokume hada and pointed gonome hamon, komaru boshi and suriage nakago.

The Kuroronuri scabbard is carved and decorated to simulate decaying wood, with a small lizard and a centipede in Shibuichi, shakudo in copper crawling on it. The Kuritaka is formed as a snail with a  tiny frog crawling on its shell. A Mokkogata shibuichi tsuba with bamboo in Katakiribori signed Yoshitada and Kao. The Menuki finely detailed as serpents in Rogin, Shakudo and gilt. The Fuchi-kashira and Kojiri of silver.