A Western European ‘Hand and a Half Sword', c. 1330 - 1370

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Item ref: 3013

  • Western Europe
  • Iron, latten
  • 108 cm / 42.5 cm


Private collection, Europe
Private collection, United Kingdom

Featuring a heavy, flat ovoid pommel with chamfered edges and a small tang button; the long tang of ‘hand and a half’ length widens towards a distinctive crossguard of roughly square section with arms that bend towards the blade from halfway along their length. The central swelling of the crossguard features a rudimentary écusson on one side. 

The long, slender, double-edged blade tapers quite evenly to a lancet-shaped tip, with a single broad fuller running for about half of its total length on each side. The remains of three latten-inlaid characters can be seen within the fuller near the hilt on one side, and with traces of similar lettering on the reverse. In excavated condition, with a dark blackish-brown patina overall.