A Harquebusier's Breastplate with Engraved Decoration, c. 1650

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Item ref: 3432

  • Dutch
  • Steel
  • 43 x 35 x 22 cm


Private collection, USA

From a set, originally forming parts of half armours for harquebusiers together with matching backplates and nasal potts. Each breastplate is bullet proof, with a slight raised neck, medial ridge and flange at the waist with a semi-circular medial cut out. The thickness of the metal has led to the edges being simply flanged outwards rather than turned. The edges are bordered with a series of pierced holes for the attachment of lining. At either side of the chest is a mushroom headed stud for the fastening of the shoulder straps from the backplate through keyhole slots. Each breastplate is covered in punched and incised decoration, comprising trophies of arms with shields lions' heads, tassets and burgonets all on a stippled ground.