A Medieval Quiver, 15th - 16th century

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Item ref: 3701

  • Tibet
  • Leather, lacquer, brass
  • 81 x 24 cm


Private collection, Hong Kong
Private collection, Holland

This is one of a small group of surviving medieval quivers from Tibet of which other examples can be seen in the Royal Armouries, Leeds (no. xxvib.141) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (no. 2001.37 and no. 2014.71).

Made to hold arrows, this type of quiver was suspended at the right side of the archer by its own set of straps and belt. The quiver is open at the upper front for access to the arrows, held head upward with the fletchings at the flaring base. It is made of five original sections. The seams are all closed by flat green-stained leather laces in a braided cross stitch, and the upper section pane is fastened together by a series of brass rivets with quatrefoil washer. A network of woven green leather thongs covers the middle section of the front, and fragments of the transverse bands retaining the upper suspension loop survives.