A Saxon Etched State Halberd carried by members of the Electoral Leibtrabanten zu Fuß, early 17th century

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Item ref: 3976

  • Germany (Saxony)
  • Steel and wood
  • 241 cm / 95 in


The Dresden armouries of the Prince-Electors of Saxony
Most probably included in the transfer to the Königliche Historisches Museum Dresden in 1831 and 32
Subsequently included in one of the series of the officially directed dispersals from the collection which took place from the mid- century and thereafter

Successive differing series of etched halberds were carried by the resplendent black and gold uniformed elite guards of the Saxon Electors, from the mid-16th century, throughout the 17th century and beyond. In keeping with those other Saxon state halberds made from the 1580’s onward, the present example has etched on the sides of its head, respectively, the arms of the Dukes of Saxony and those of the Hereditary Archmarshalship of the Holy Roman Empire. An identical example is in the Rüstkammer of the Staat Kunstsammlungen in Dresden (Inv. Nr. S 21), ascribed to the guard of the Elector Christian II.