A Very Rare Spontoon-Partisan with the Arms of Andreas Jacob Graf von Dietrichstein, as Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg, by Georg Martin Gizl, dated 1749

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Item ref: 4209

  • Austria, Salzburg
  • Steel, gold
  • 32.5 x 13 cm


Private collection, Germany

Since 1620 the spear-like partisan was the form of staff weapon favoured at the court of the Salzburg Archbishopric (F├╝rsterzbistum Salzburg) in the arming of their elite small bodies of guard troops. Now wholly ceremonial, the etched baroque designs of strapwork and scrolls with which the heads of these weapons were decorated differed with each successive election of a ruling prince-archbishop, the identifying coat-of-arms naturally changing also. The comparatively smaller size of the present example represents the fashionable transition towards the spontoon, a staff weapon carried primarily as an 18th century emblem of rank.

Another Salzburg partisan of the same type made by Gizl for the guard of Graf von Dietrichstein, dated 1749 also, is in the Salzburg City Museum. This, together the present example, are very likely the only surviving pieces recorded from this series.