Peter Finer

An Exceptionally Large Caucasian Kindjal, signed and dated 1317 AH ( 1899 AD)

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Caucasus. Walrus ivory, steel, silver, horn and gold.


Private collection, Great Britain

The blade of this kindjal contains a linear panel of gold koftgari scrollwork with gold inscription and the bladesmith’s signature - ع لی - Ali, and the date ۱۳۱۷, the year 1317 AH, or 1899 in the Gregorian calendar. The kindjal’s iron hilt is covered with gold koftgari and fitted with walrus ivory grip-scales fixed by rivets with domed nielloed silver heads on small silver mounts. The piece is in its original scabbard, entirely encased in silver and decorated with both flat and chased inlaid patterns arranged within silver beaded filigree borders. The kindjal retains its original horn-and ivory-mounted by-knife.

Size: Length 61 cm / 24 in