Peter Finer

A Superb French Royal Presentation Court or Small-Sword, c. 1783

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France. Silver, steel, gold, wood.


Private collection, France

Our fine presentation sword was, as its blade inscription records, a gift from the King – in this case Louis XIV of France – and presented in the year that, with the assistance of French troops and arms, the American War for Independence was concluded. It is conceivable that the presentation was made by King Louis to an officer who had distinguished himself in some way in that conflict.

The hilt in early neo-Classical style and wholly cast and chased in silver, struck on the arms of the hilt and at the nearside base of the grip with the Paris hallmarks for the assaying year of 1783: the pommel in the form of a helmet, à l’antique, facing to the rear, the shell decorated on the upper side with helmeted Classical profiles and on the lower side with masks of Medusa and the quillon terminating in an animal’s head. The blade of hollow triangular section bearing, in a blue and gilt panel, the inscription Ex Dono Regis together with the crowned Royal Arms of France and engraved

LE COURT Fourbisseur Du Roi Rue St honoré Près Celle Des Poulies au Grand Monarque à Paris


De La Marque des Mouchettes à Solingen.

Size: Length 93 cm / 36.6 in