Peter Finer

A Katar in the Mughal Fashion, Rajasthan, late 17th-early 18th century

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India, Rajasthan. Iron.


Private collection, United Kingdom

A Katar attributed to Mughal influence and with closely comparable grip and blade is illustrated in the catalogue of the collection of Jorge Caravana; see Rites of Power, Oriental Weapons, Ed. J. Caetano, F. Pimento Macedo & J. Caravana, with texts by Robert Elgood and various contributing authorities, Casal de Cambra 2010, cat. no. 35, p.110.

With iron hilt arched and chiselled over the base of the blade to form a pair of branches of foliage progressing at their centre to form an extension of flowers chiselled over the base of the blade, with decorative conjoined pairs of iron C-scrolls suspended between the faceted baluster-shaped bars of the grip, and the hilt finished entirely in the white. The blade with robust point of diamond section, both sides cut with a pair of recessed panels converging behind the point, divided centrally by a narrow ridge chiselled with a running lotus leaf pattern developing from small clusters of flowers chiselled at the base, and the outer borders of the convergent panels cut with further lotus leaf ornament over their respective full lengths.   

Size: Length 50 cm / 19.7 in