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A Model of an Armour for a Man and Horse in the 16th Century Style by E. Granger, c.1850  

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France, Paris. Steel, brass, bronze, gold, wood and leather.


Private collection, Europe
Private collection, USA

E. Granger showed model armours at the Exhibition of French Industry held in Paris in 1844, also at the Great Exhibition of 1862 as part of the firm of Granger-Leblanc.

The man’s armour comprising a close helmet with high-combed skull, pivoted ‘bellows’ visor, bevor and deep gorget-plates.  The breast-plate of peascod form, fitted with a lance-rest and a short skirt and laminated tassets over a skirt of mail, the back-plate with a short skirt. Large, symmetrical pauldrons connected by turners to articulated vambraces with tubular upper and lower cannons and winged bracelet couters. The fingered gauntlets with flared and pointed cuffs, full leg harness with rigid cuisses, the winged poleyns and full-length greaves with square-toed sabatons fitted with rowel spurs. Decorated at all main edges with roped inward turns bordered by raised ribs and brass rivets. The horse armour comprises a shaffron with gutter-shaped ear-defences, cupped eye-defences, side-plates and an heraldic escutcheon with central spike at the brow, laminated crinnet, peytral of three riveted sections and a deep crupper of riveted plates, decorated at all main edges with bold roped inward turns bordered by raised ribs and brass rivets on the shaffron with flutes and on the front of the peytral with heraldic escutcheons. Accompanied by a curb-bit with reins, a saddle with high bow and cantle-plates and stirrups and mounted on a well modelled bronze horse with articulated knee and ankle joints on a wooden base.

Size: Height 50 cm / 19.7 in, Length 50 cm / 19.7 in, Width 22 cm / 8.7 in