A Cased Five-shot Percussion Pepperbox Revolver by Parker, Field & Sons, c. 1850

2577 3
2577 1 v2
2577 5 v2

Item ref: 2577

  • England, London
  • Iron, steel, walnut, silver, brass, wood, bone and baize cloth.
  • 6.7 cm / 2.6 in x 28 cm / 11 in


Private collection, United Kingdom

This is a fine example of an English percussion pepperbox revolver. Its five barrels are formed from a single block of iron and, like all the other iron parts of this pistol, are colour case-hardened. The percussion nipples project at right angles in order to be struck by the bar hammer. Each barrel is individually engraved with a number from 1 to 5 and one is also engraved PARKER FIELD & SONS LONDON. Each barrel rib is struck with a view or proof mark of the Gunmakers Company of London. The forward end of the iron action body has a shield to prevent percussion caps being accidentally struck or dislodged. The action is engraved with foliage and on each side a scroll, that on the left containing PARKER FIELD & SONS, and on the right LONDON.