An Ottoman Hunting Trousse, dated 1892/3   

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Item ref: 3742

  • Ottoman, probably Epirus or Montenegro
  • Steel, silver, wood niello
  • 32 cm / 12.6 in


Private collection, Europe

Hunting trousses were popular in northern Greece and the Balkans during the Ottoman period and after. The niello decoration is typical of the products of Epirus and Boke Kotorska in Montenegro. The original owner, ‘Umar son of ‘Umar Darhan, is unfortunately unknown. Similar, though earlier, sets are preserved in the Wallace Collection, London, nos OA 1968, 1973, and the knife with nielloed silver fittings in the same collection, OA 1911 also bears comparison to this set.

The trousse comprises of a set of three knives in a single scabbard. Two knives have smooth, single-edged blades stamped with a maker’s mark, the third has a blade chiselled with triangles at the base and then smooth. All have silver grips, finely nielloed with floral and geometrical motifs. The silver scabbard is decorated en suite, with a front upper border with an inscription, chiselled with floral motifs below the inscription panel, with a suspension loop. The chape is decorated with a bird's head. The inscription reads ‘sāhab ‘Umar ibn ‘Umar Darhan 135 sanat 1310’.

عمر بن عمر درهن ١٣٥ سنه ١٣١٠