A Tibetan or Bhutanese Plate from a ‘Four Mirrors’ Cuirass, or Chahar A’ineh, c. 1650

3755 v2
3755 2 v2

Item ref: 3755

  • Tibet or Bhutan
  • Iron, leather, gold and silver
  • 20 cm / 8 in


Private Collection, Madrid

The introduction of the ‘four mirrors’ cuirass into north India in the 17th century was mirrored on the Himalayan plateau by the development of a similar form, also made of four plates, circular at the front and rear, crescent-shaped at the sides, and fastened by a series of leather straps and buckles over a mail shirt. These have traditionally been ascribed to Bhutan, but there is good evidence that they were also used in Tibet alongside the traditional lamellar armours.

A comparable example is in the Royal Armouries, Leeds, no. xxvia.159.