A Russian Flintlock Fowling Gun Chiselled and Gilt,
A Russian Flintlock Fowling Gun, c. 1745 - 50
A Pair of Stirrups, or Yob,
A Pair of Stirrups, or Yob, 16th - 18th century
A Qing Dynasty Horse Archer's Quiver, 鞬 or Jiān,
A Qing Dynasty Quiver, c. 1644 – 1911
A Medieval Quiver,
A Medieval Quiver, 15th - 16th century
A Horse-Tack Plaquette
A Horse-Tack Plaquette c. 1400 - 1500
A Bridle Mount,
A Tibetan Bridle Mount, 17th – 18th century
A Mughal Katar,
A Mughal Katar, Early 18th century
A Dagger, or Kaiken Tantō,
A Japanese Tantō Meiji period
An Ornamental Fitting from a Horse Harness,
An Ornamental Harness Fitting, 19th century
A Rare Tibetan Cymbal Case,
A Rare Tibetan Cymbal Case, 18th-19th century
An Exceptional Saddle, or Gser Sga,
A Tibetan Saddle, 15th – 17th century
Punch Dagger, or Katar,
Indian Punch Dagger, 17th century
An Indian Mughal Shield,
An Indian Mughal Shield, 18th – 19th century
A Japanese Tantō, Meiji Period,
A Japanese Tantō, Meiji Period, late 19th century
A Katar with Gold-encrusted Hilt,
A Gold Katar, c. 1760
A Miniature Dagger, or Tantō, Meiji Period,
A Miniature Dagger, or Tantō, late 19th century
A Bronze Ruji Sceptre,
A Bronze Ruji Sceptre, Meiji period
A Pair of Stirrups,
A Pair of Stirrups, 16th - 18th century
A Hilt of a Sword, or Talwar,
A Hilt of a Talwar, Late 19th century
A Brace of Ceremonial Trident Heads, Mdung Rtse-Gsum,
A Brace of Trident Heads, 17th century
A Japanese Samurai Helmet or Namban Kabuto,
A Samurai Helmet, c. 1590 - 1640
A Vambrace, or Dastana,
A Dastana, c. 1700
An Indian Dagger, or Khanjar,
An Indian Dagger, Early 19th century
A Japanese Dagger, or Tantō, Edo Period,
A Japanese Dagger, or Tantō c.1860
A Carved Yak-horn Priming-Flask, or Rdzas Rva Or Pho Rva,
A Carved Flask, 18th - 19th century
A Bridle and Fittings,
A Bridle and Fittings, 16th - 18th century
A Dagger or Tantō, Edo Period,
A Tantō, Edo Period, c. 1750
A Dagger, or Ken Tantō decorated as a Ryūteki,
A 'Ryūteki' Dagger, Meiji period
A Tibetan Ceremonial Staff Finial,
A Tibetan Staff Finial, 17th century
A large rare Tibetan cane shield,
A rare Tibetan shield, 15th century or earlier
An Indian Katar,
An Indian Katar, c. 1850
A Dagger and Scabbard (Hancer),
A Dagger and Scabbard (Hancer), 19th century
A Horse Frontal, Western Han Period,
A Horse Frontal, 2nd - 1st century B.C.
A Dagger, or Khanjar,
A Khanjar, Late 18th century
A Tibetan Harness Fitting,
A Tibetan Harness Fitting, 19th century
A Horse Pendant,
A Horse Pendant, 7th – 9th century
An Iron Helmet, or Jingasa,
An Iron Jingasa, Edo period
A Persian Iron Priming Flask or Barutdan,
A Persian Priming Flask, dated 1159 AH (1746)
A Tibetan or Bhutanese Plate from a ‘Four Mirrors’ Cuirass, or Chahar A’ineh,
A Tibetan or Bhutanese Cuirass, c. 1650
A Dagger, or Katar,
A Dagger, or Katar, 18th Century
A Katar, or Indian Punch Dagger,
A Katar, c. 1850
A Japanese Spear Head, or jumonji yari,
A Japanese Spear Head, Late 16th century
A Rare Early Tibetan Sword and Scabbard,
A Tibetan Sword and Scabbard, 16th century
A Kris, or tajong,
A Kris, or Tajong, 19th century